Grading Policy

Miniature Market's Grading Policy

Below you will find our condition guidelines for miniatures singles. Any miniature single purchased from Miniature Market should conform to these guidelines. If you feel you have received an item below our advertised standards please review our return policy for additional details on how to resolve the issue.


Miniature Market does not sell or Buy Back miniatures with the following defects:

    • Broken appendages, bases, etc.
    • Customization (includes paint jobs, glue, writing on stat cards, or any other alteration from original factory manufacture)
    • Figures with stat cards which are damaged or in poor condition (creasing, rips, excessive dirt, etc.)

Miniature Market does not sell or Buy Back cards with the following defects:

    • Signed cards
    • Writing (proxying, etc.) or doodling
    • Tears/rips
    • Heavy dirt/grime build up
    • Heavy scuffing/edge wear
    • Major inking/water damage
    • Foils with severe curving/warping
    • Foils with peeling layers
    • Heavy creasing
    • Miscut corners
    • Miscuts in which any part of the card is cut off
    • Punctures
    • Strong cigarette smoke odor
    • Counterfeits