Hero Realms: Dungeons (Preorder)

Hero Realms: Dungeons (Preorder)

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Manufacturer: Wise Wizard Games

Estimated Release Date: November 2024.

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Perfect for new players and experts alike, this complete 1-6 player game can be played PVP with 2-6 players, or adventure through its solo/cooperative campaign. You'll fight monsters, find treasure, and level up as you battle your way through this epic 12-part dungeon adventure!

When you're ready to take the game to the next level, break out the included character packs to play the fierce Barbarian vs the brilliant Alchemist! You can even have the Alchemist and Barbarian each lead two teammates that are using basic starting decks in a massive 6-player Emperor game! The included Alchemist and Barbarian Adventure Decks enable you to level up your characters between games. You'll be able to bring them all the way from level 1 to 24!

When you level up, you'll choose how your skills or abilities improve, and which treasures to take. We've packed a ton of awesome deckbuilding game fun into this box. You are going to love it!

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 20-30 minutes

• Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
• Hand Management
• Take That