Heroes of Normandie: Pulp Stories #01 - Pumpkin's Revenge

Heroes of Normandie: Pulp Stories #01 - Pumpkin's Revenge

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Manufacturer: Devil Pig Games

Since the United States entered the war, eerie things have happened during Halloween. Several years in a row, out of nowhere, a haunted Stuart tank had appeared. In a blaze of fire and fury, flanked by pumpkin-headed soldiers, it had trundled straight into enemy lines and wreaked havoc on any terror-stricken soldiers it encountered. This time, German High Command hopes Father Leonhard, military chaplain and exorcist, will be able to send these demons back to the circle of hell they should never have left. He must celebrate a short mass in the sanctified chapel of Saint Gothard, near Cologne.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Heroes of Normandie is required to play.

Note: This is contains both English and French Versions of the game

• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Variable Player Powers