Heroes of Stalingrad: War Stories - Otto Carius

Heroes of Stalingrad: War Stories - Otto Carius

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Manufacturer: Devil Pig Games

War Stories is a series of smaller expansions, much like Heroes of Normandie's Gazettes from before, but with a tighter focus on historical events and soldiers.

Where Gazettes where products designed for die-hard fans, War Stories will be more accessible, requiring less of the massive backlog of previously released expansions. War Stories will mostly be playable with just the core box, and the content of a War Stories issue itself, obviously.

Each issue will focus on a War Hero and will include a biography, his exploits, a dedicated scenario and one or two punchboards to integrate it into your game.

The first issue will be for Heroes of Stalingrad, and focuses on Otto Carius, a German Tiger tank commander who destroyed a total of 150 enemy tanks. This issue will also include a section of T34s for the Russian forces as well as the errata of the Frontoviks from the Heroes of Stalingrad game base box.

Featuring new artwork from Nicola Angius.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Heroes of Stalingrad is required to play.

Note: This is contains both English and French Versions of the game

• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Variable Player Powers