Honey Buzz (Standard Edition)

Honey Buzz (Standard Edition)

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Honey Buzz Quick Overview
Honey Buzz @ 52:16

Spring has sprung in Sweetwater Grove. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the bears are getting awfully hungry. Is a honey stand really the key to peace and prosperity between all the woodland creatures? It just may BEE!

In Honey Buzz, the bees have discovered economics, and the queen has devised a plan to corner the bear market! You've been entrusted to manage a portion of the hive to produce honey and improve the BEE-conomy. Sell this honey in bulk to the bear market or fulfill specific orders placed by the woodland critters. Forage, build, produce, and sell, all the while vying for the queen's favor! When the market closes, be the player with the most money, and you'll be rewarded with a victory most sweet!

1 Hive Board
1 Woodland Board
40 Worker Beeples (Wood)
4 Forage Tokens
4 Fan Tokens
4 Player Boards
4 Player Aids
16 Starting Hive Tiles
63 Standard Hive Tiles
24 Nectar Tiles
60 Coins
15 Pollen (Acrylic)
28 Honey (Squishy Plastic)
1 First Player Marker
26 Order Cards*
18 Configuration Cards*
24 Queen's Contest Cards*
10 Drone Cards*
2 Drone Beeples (Wood)
1 Rulebook

*Mini-European Cards (44x68mm)

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-90 minutes

• Memory
• Pattern Building
• Tile Placement
• Worker Placement