King of New York

King of New York

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Manufacturer: IELLO

You are a giant monster, and you want to become King of New York! Compete against other immense creatures, and destroy everything in your path. In order to win, attack your enemies, crush high-rises, buy new abilities, become a star, and keep an eye on the army: the humans haven't thrown in the towel yet...

Either you are in Manhattan, or you are in one of the four other boroughs of the city. If you are in Manhattan, you attack all the other Monsters at the same time, but you are also everyone's target.

You can destroy Buildings in order to gain Life Points, Energy, or Victory Points. Each Building you destroy make a military unit appear, which can attack you.

1 Rulebook
1 Gameboard
66 Cards
46 Tokens
  ‣ 13 Web
  ‣ 13 Jinx
  ‣ 5 Souvenir
  ‣ 15 Carapace
8 Dice
6 Monster Boards
  ‣ Captain Fish
  ‣ Drakonis
  ‣ Kong
  ‣ Mantis
  ‣ Rob
  ‣ Sheriff
6 Cardboard Figures + 6 Plastic Stands
Energy Cubes
45 Building/Unit Tiles

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 40 minutes




Get King of Tokyo Instead!
I like this game and it adds more elements to the first game, however its King of Tokyo that hits the table more.Tokyo was great as is and it didn't really need a reboot but here it is! Its still fun just not needed! Another gripe I have with this game is that I wish these monsters had powers like the Tokyo monsters so you could use them in both games!
Game Play
Review by marcin on 10/16/2015
Takes A Great Game And Adds A Whole Bunch Of Impenetrable Crud
King of New York takes everything you loved about King of Tokyo and buries it. KoT was pretty complex to begin with, offering several different paths to victory. This made it pretty easy to learn and gave it a lot of replay value. KoNY, however, has just layered on more and more mechanics. In KoT, you could focus on combat, victory points, or power-ups. In KoNY, victory points are achieved by gaining fame and marching up Manhattan. Power-ups are available in certain boroughs but not others. Combat is no longer monster-on-monster. You now have to contend with building destruction and the army.

There's almost too much going on to keep it all in your head, which saps a lot of the fun out of the experience. Since press-your-luck games are inherently random-ish anyway, you can't do much to evaluate how your strategy is working. It all feels like a jumbled mess.

I played this with co-workers--computer programmers, mind you, so these are people who specialize in evaluating and following complex rules engines. At least one person never understood what was going on for the entire game. Those of us who could follow it had played KoT before and had some basis for comparison.

As with the KoT Halloween expansion, this feels totally non-essential. It adds nothing and distracts from the core elements of the game. Just play King of Tokyo instead.
Game Play
Review by Kurt on 10/10/2015
A solid and fun game
I got this for my wife and my sister-in-law as gifts. We've played through it numerous times and it's always a fun time. I would recommend that before you play this, you play King of Tokyo first, if just to get a better grasp of the game mechanics of King of New York. This game is fun, but it's a little harder to pick up then it's predecessor.

The quality of the game pieces and fun artwork is of the same high quality I've come to expect from Iello, so the 5 stars for quality, value, and price are well deserved.

I only gave it four stars for Game Play because I do like King of Tokyo more in the long run. But you won't be disappointed at all with King of New York!
Game Play
Review by John on 10/7/2015
Fantastic Yahtzee style game with Monsters
King of New York is a great game. It takes the same King of Tokyo theme and mechanisms and adds an additional layer of strategy. The map and military units really adds interesting elements and decisions to an already great game while not adding much more complexity to the rules. Definitely, pick this up if you love King of Tokyo. If you're considering buying King of Tokyo, I would recommend buying this instead unless you just want the simplest version.
Game Play
Review by Alphawog on 9/15/2015
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