Jack Labrador: Competition Deck

Jack Labrador: Competition Deck (New Arrival)


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Manufacturer: Jack Labrador Games

Tired of the same old card games? Meet the Jack Labrador, your family's new best friend. Perfect for moms hunting for a game that doesn't induce yawns and college students seeking a break from, well, everything else.

  • One Deck, Three Games: Play Motor City Showdown, Spell My Name, and Pink Slip.

  • Competitive: Non-stop 2-4 player action.

  • Versatile Gameplay: Includes 110 cards and 3 games.

  • Age-Friendly: Suitable for ages 8 and up.

  • Strategic Depth: Perfect balance of strategy and quick action.

  • Classic Design: Time-honored deck design for lasting appeal.

Players attempt to out-strategize or out-guess their opponents, playing and anteing cards and throwing Rock-Paper-Scissors(-Jack-Labrador). Action cards can affect who wins ties, steal an opponent's anted cards, or if the stars align, cause a Motor City Showdown, where the entire deck of points is on the line! Cards are points, and the first player to reach a predetermined total (usually 500 or 1000), wins. The flagship game, for 2-4 players. 30-60 minutes.

Players attempt to win five cards spelling J-A-C-K-Labrador via a series of one-on-one Rock-Paper-Scissors(-Jack-Labrador). Play a single hand or play for points. A quicker, heads-up game, 2-4 players. 30 minutes.

Per the creator, "The ultimate card game for delivering the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." Each copy of Jack Labrador comes with a single Pink Slip, meant to be signed and dated by the owner. This can be anted against another owner's Pink Slip - winner keeps both Pink Slips and earns bragging rights for life.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes

• Card Play Conflict Resolution
• Player Elimination
• Rock-Paper-Scissors
• Sudden Death Ending
• Take That