Jibe Card Game: Monster Edition

Jibe Card Game: Monster Edition (Clearance)

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Jibe is a matching card game. There are twelve icons, each with a different point value. Each six-sided card has either two sets of three identical icons or one set of six identical icons.

There are 80 unique cards. The goal is to match your card with the cards already played and score the most points possible. Matching icons allows you to count the cards already played in your score, while matching colors only allows you to count the count you just played.

The icons in this Monster Edition are:
 • Empty Miscreation (Blue)
 • Volatile Fiend (Blue)
 • Confused Babbler (Green)
 • Nether Deviation (Green)
 • Fickle Mumbler (Grey)
 • Gross Monstrosity (Grey)
 • Calm Blob (Orange)
 • Agile Lump (Orange)
 • Angry Brute (Purple)
 • Dirty Howler (Purple)
 • Agitated Hag (Pink)
 • Elusive Jester (Yellow)

80 Game Cards
2 Rules Cards
2 Monster Reference Cards

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 20-30 minutes

• Hexagon Grid