Argent: The Consortium (2nd Edition)

Argent: The Consortium (2nd Edition)

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The time has come for a new Chancellor to take the seat of power at Argent University of Magic! Use your cunning, leverage your connections, and build your power to ensure that the secret Consortium board elects you as the next Chancellor of Argent!

• Use Wits, Espionage, Connections, & Resources to control Argent!
• Master spells by researching to unlock devastating powers!
• Spy on the Consortium to learn the secret victory conditions of the game!
• Rally Supporters to your aid, and use their talents to extend your research!
• Raid the university vaults to get your hadns on powerful magical items!
• Direct your mages to do your bidding and secure your control of the university!

The second edition of Argent features miniatures rather than cardboard tokens to identify affiliation, and errata to the rulebook, cards, and tiles.

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-150 minutes



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