Patchwork Doodle

Patchwork Doodle

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Creating a beautiful quilt is easier said than done, especially if the oddly-shaped patches just won't fit together. This is my proper preparatory work starts at the drawing board! Chose your patches carefully and use the tools at your disposal at the right time to design the most beautiful quilt and win the game.

Patchwork Doodle is a roll-and-write version of Patchwork, with each player having their own 9x9 grid to fill in over the course of the game. Each player sets up by drawing a unique polyomino card from the starting deck, then drawing that on their sheet.

1 Pad
6 Pencils
10 Start Cards
30 Patch Cards
1 Six-sided Die
1 Token
1 Rule Book

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 20 minutes

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