It's a Wonderful World

It's a Wonderful World

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Manufacturer: Lucky Duck Games

Dear citizens of the 5 Empires! Today is a great day, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the end of the Great Wars. What a joy to live in a world where deac hdecision of our beloved, wise, and charismatic Leaders is motivated by the people's happiness. What a Wonderful World of peace and progress we have built!

1. Draft 7 cards

2. Choose cards to build, and recycle the others to speed up your development!

3. Produce the resources in a specific order and optimse your building order

4. Expand your empire with the best strategic choices

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 45 minutes

Note: Published by La Boite de Jeu and Origames; distributed by Lucky Duck Games.




Fast paced strategy at it's best
This game offers a great combination of draft strategy, resource building and quick game play.

The core of the game is resource generation and management. This is achieved largely through a card-based draft system and construction/recycling to generate the necessary resources.

The game plays quickly, with just four rounds to gather the Victory Points needed to win the game. Construction requires quick thinking and planning in order to generate the resource you need to build to victory.

Lending itself to the strategy are multiple different Empires that you can control in each game, each offering a different strategy to achieve victory.

The game also offers a well-developed single player mode. Playing with an alternative draft method and against a point system makes the game entertaining for a single player while also helping a player develop strategies that they can utilize in future games with other players.

Adding to the fun of this game is the stunning artwork and quality components. It's nice to see a game that takes an interest in the visual and functional side equally.
Game Play
Review by Poisonwilliam on 7/30/2020
Really is a Wonderful World
Great component quality, the artwork really stands out, simple to learn and play the 4 rounds go by quick there are a lot of decisions to be made when drafting & recycling (selling) looking forward to the expansion.
Game Play
Review by Michael on 5/7/2020
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