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Manufacturer: Lucky Duck Games

Oros @ 28:00

Be an All-powerful Demigod in an Ever-shifting World

Oros is a strategy bord game about humankind's ancient pursuit of hidden knowledge and power. As a mighty Demigod, you must compete with other players to continually shape the landscape. Build sacred sites on mountains. Transform your wisdom into powerful abilities. And ascend to higher knowledge.

Strategy: 5/5
Random Chance: 1/5
Mechanic Complexity: 3/5
Player Interaction: 5/5

1 Map Board
1 Ascension Track
72 Tiles
48 Volcano Pieces
4 Player Mats
4 Demigod Standees
4 Plastic Stands
32 Follower Pieces
32 Wisdom Caps
36 Sacred Site Tiles
1 First Player Marker
24 Foresight Tokens
48 Automa Cards
1 Score Pad

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30 minutes per player

• Area Movement
• Grid Movement
• Worker Placement