Map Tiles: Caves & Caverns (Preorder)

Map Tiles: Caves & Caverns (Preorder)

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Manufacturer: Kobold Press

Estimated Release Date: July 2024.

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Take The Adventure Underground!

Journey through rock and stone with Map Tiles: Caves & Caverns from Kobold Press. Have an instant battle map for any subterranean adventure with 24 beautifully illustrated, wet-and dry-erasable 7" x 7" map tiles, including an underground lake shore, mushroom grotto, dragon lair, cave shrine, and other settings.

Keep a torch close at hand and head down into the dark with Map Tiles: Caves & Caverns!

This 24 erasable-map tile set includes:

• Abandoned Mine
• Bandit Hideout 01
• Bandit Hideout 02
• Baseline Cave
• Bear's Den
• Bottomless Pit
• Collapsed Tunnel
• Crossroads
• Crystal Cavern
• Dragon Lair 01
• Dragon Lair 02
• Fungus Forest
• Ice Cavern
• Lava Flow
• Mushroom Grotto
• Spider Lair
• Straight Tunnel
• Subterranean Shrine
• T-Junction Passage
• Tunnel Corner
• Underground Lake
• Underground Lake Shore
• Underground Village
• Underwater Cave