Map Tiles: Dungeons (Preorder)

Map Tiles: Dungeons (Preorder)

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Manufacturer: Kobold Press

Estimated Release Date: October 2024.

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Your Dungeon Awaits

Instantly drop your players into a multitude of dungeon encounters and dangers with Map Tiles: Dungeons from Kobold Press! These 24 wet- and dry-erasable 7" x 7" tiles are beautifully illustrated with mysterious and terrifying locales suited for forgotten dungeons and underground fortresses, including dungeon gateways, treasure troves, crypts, eldritch shrines, and more!!

This 24 erasable-map tile set includes:

• Abandoned Feast Hall
• Alchemist's Chamber
• Ancient Crypt
• Arcane Circle
• Barracks
• Chessboard Hall
• Cleric's Quarters
• Crumbling Corridors
• Dungeon Forge
• Dungeon Larder
• Dungeon Stairs Up
• Fortified Hallway
• Giant Pit
• Mess Hall
• Old Library
• Prisoner's Cells
• Richly Decorated Office
• Statue-Guarded Entrance
• Suspicious Chest
• Torture Chambers
• Trash Pit
• Treasure Hoard
• Underground Well
• Wine Cellar