Invisible Sun RPG: Teratology

Invisible Sun RPG: Teratology

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Manufacturer: Monte Cook Games

The famed trailblazer Taramoc Eslin gathered information from throughout the worlds and half-worlds to bring you this: Not just another bestiary, but the bestiary. The Teratology. The greatest resource on the creatures of the Actuality ever attempted by any vislae.

Find new insights into the realms beneath each sun, along with hundreds of creatures, spirits, and other entities that inhabit those realms, painstakingly (and dangerously) researched and described.

Any vislae venturing from Indigo will find this tome an indispensable resource. Goetics in particular will prize its trove of daringly-acquired insights into summonable beings. And even those who remain within Satyrine will discover many creatures they had not even imagined could be found so close.

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