Steam: Map Expansion #2

Steam: Map Expansion #2

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Manufacturer: Mayfair Games

Steam: Map Expansion #2 provides three maps in the same pack that can be used with the Steam base game. One side of the four-panel game board features a map of Great Britain suitable for 3-4 players that's subtitled "Progress from Canals to Rails". The other side of the game board has two maps, each covering two panels of the game board: California 2090 ("Gain Prestige but Prepare for Disaster" for three players) and China ("Unite the Country on the Floodplains" for 2-4 players). It also includes an extra tile sheet for Steam.

1 Four-panel Mapboard (Great Britain)
2 Two-panel Mapboard(- California & China)
1 Steam Tile Sheet

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Steam is required to play.

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