Days of Ire: Budapest 1956

Days of Ire: Budapest 1956

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The end of WWII left Europe and the world divided along political lines: Communism and Capitalism. Exporting the Communist system from the USSR to many countries, however, was not without conflict. Between 1945 and June 1956, two uprisings (East Berlin, German Democratic Republic, June 1953 and Poznan, Polish People's Republic, June 1956) broke out, showing the disillusionment of people in the Communist system and the living conditions it provides.

In October 1956, emboldened by the signs of Poznan, students and intellectuals in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, organize a protest of previously unseen magnitudes. As the Communist leadership sweeps in to kill the movement in its tracks, a violent response is provoked, thus sparking the Revolution of the 23rd of October.

One player plays as the Soviet force, trying to hold the movement back, while a group of 1-3 players are the revolutionaries, driving the movement forward through the seven days between 23rd and the 29th of October 1956. Otherwise, play cooperatively as a group of 1-4 revolutionaries against an AI Soviet force.

This game was created to honor the exceptional unity of the Hungarian society during the fights; the memory of the Hungarian citizens - workers, students, intellectuals - who took part in the fights, who got injured or killed, or who had to leave the country after the fall of the revolution; and the aid coming from abroad (from many Polish citizens or with the help of the International Red Cross from different countries).

1 Game Board
3 Glass Bead Markers
2 Dice
3 Rulebooks
135 Cards
101 Cardboard Tiles and Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

• Action Points
• Hand Management
• Cooperative Game