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Manufacturer: Hachette Boardgames

Mind Map @ 1:10:25

Make your opponents guess your Secret word by placing your Coordinate token in the game zone according to 2 criteria. Sometimes you'll push your logic limit, but don't forget to take the Reference word into account!

Will you be able to grasp your opponents' logic and make them understand yours?

  1. Place your token based on how closely you Secret words relates to the Criteria on each Axis.

  2. Take the Reference word and other players' words into account.

  3. Guess your opponents' words to earn the most points!

Competitive Mode for 4-7 players.
Team Mode for 8-14 players.

1 Rulebook
4 Axis Tiles
100 Word Cards
50 Criteria Cards
7 Player Cards
7 Coordinate Tokens
7 Number Cards
49 Vote Tokens
1 Scoreboard
7 Score Tokens
7 Team Vote Tokens
2 Team Score Tokens
2 40/80 Tokens

Ages: 10+
Players: 4-14
Game Length: 20 minutes

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