Mork Borg RPG: Ikhon

Mork Borg RPG: Ikhon

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Ancient god-vessels of cured skin and soot-black wood, as rare and as valuable as they are blasphemous. The oldest Galgenbeckian priestesses claim than Nechrubel's left hand carved the Ikhons with a knife, press, and earth-shattering hammer strikes. Stories, myths, and promises of harbored gifts and curses are carved into rocks and monoliths dotting the dying earth. The Two-Headed Basilisks detest them.

According to church belief, wielding the Powers to unfetter the Profane Profound bound within is a serious desecration. Crows are sent hunting for heretics. They find the Ikhons. They tattle and tell. Ikhon wiedlers burn.

4 Booklets detailing Gifts & Punishments of the God-Creatures
  ‣ The Bilkherd
  ‣ The Becklure
  ‣ The Old Dead
  ‣ The Silkfiend
1 Box w/ Additional Rules