Azul: Queen's Garden

Azul: Queen's Garden

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Azul: Queen's Garden @ 48:35
Azul: Queen's Garden Review

King Manuel I has commissioned the best garden designers of Portugal to construct the most extraordinary garden for his wife, Queen Maria of Aragon.

In Azul: Queen's Garden, players are tasked to arrange a magnificent garden for the King's lovely wife by arranging beautiful plants, trees, and ornamental features.

Using an innovative drafting mechanism, signature of the Azul series, players must carefully select colorful tiles to decorate their garden. Only the most incredible garden designers will flourish and win the Queen's blessing.

1. Select all tiles with the same pattern or the same color.

2. Decorate or extend your garden.

3. Score points by creating amazing designs.

108 Colored Tiles
24 Jokers
4 Garden Boards
36 Garden Expansions
4 Storages
4 Fountain Boards
1 Scoring Board
1 Rotary Wheel
1 Shield Token
1 First Player Marker
1 Evaluation Marker
4 Scoring Markers
8 Points Tokens
1 Tower
1 Bag
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45-60 minutes

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• End Game Bonuses
• Pattern Building
• Set Collection
• Tile Placement
• Turn Order: Claim Action