Nucleum (New Arrival)

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Nucleum @ 37:40

When Elsa von Frühlingfeld used recently isolated uranium to heat up a jar of water and then used the steam to power the engine in a process she called "atomization," a new era has dawned. Her device, called Nucleum, made Saxony the hub of European science and engineering. Now, a generation later, inventors, engineers, and industrialists flock to the court to become the leader in this new industrial revolution.

Become the leader of the industrial revolution. Connect cities in order to construct Buildings and energize them using Nucleums and Uranium from the mines you built. Fulfill Contracts and unlock Technologies for your unique, asymmetric faction to meet the Milestone objectives set by the King and become the best industrialist!

Nucleum is an expert tile placing and network building game that forces players to constantly adjust their strategy while playing. Each turn play an Action Tile either on your player board or on the map or decide to recharge:

  1. Play an Action tile on your player board to resolve both of its actions and fulfill a Contract or play it on a map with a worker to extend your Network, but make sure that the colors match!

  2. Resolve actions on the tile: buy new Action Tiles, get new Contracts to fulfill, erect Buildings in accessible cities, get Uranium, and build turbines to process it, and energize your buildings and collect Achievement tokens!

  3. Recharge to gain your income and exchange collected Achievement tokens for a position on the Milestone Track!

2 Rulebooks
8 Player Aids
1 Game Board
1 Side Board
4 Double-layered Player Boards
4 Experiment Boards
200+ Cardboard Tiles
  ‣ 16 Mine Tiles
  ‣ 8 Milestone Tiles
  ‣ 50 Contract Tiles
  ‣ 58 Urban Tiles
  ‣ 70+ Action Tiles
  ‣ 60+ Thalers
  ‣ 40+ Achievement Tokens
28 Cards
149 Wooden Components
  ‣ 72 Worker Meeples
  ‣ 4 Custom-printed Nucleums
  ‣ 16 Custom-printed Turbines
  ‣ 5 Custom-printed End Game Discs
  ‣ 24 Cubes
  ‣ 24 Stars
  ‣ 4 VP Markers
5 Power Plant Stands
1 Die

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-150 minutes


• Action Retrieval
• Contracts
• End Game Bonuses
• Hand Management
• Income
• Market
• Network and Route Building
• Solo / Solitaire Game
• Tech Trees / Tech Tracks
• Variable Player Powers