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Manufacturer: Orange Nebula

You Are Wretched

But this is not the end of your story. After a life spent chasing wealth and excess, your cruelty and corruption have finally caught up with you. That's why you were thrown overboard by your shipmates - left to die in the icy black sea. But in this world of surprises, that was not your destiny.

Moments before vanishing into endless darkness, you wash ashore amid the ruins of a remote island where you are revived by a traveler. As you open your eyes to your bizarre new home, you find that something better - something stranger - has awakened inside you. Now, there is work to be done. You have nothing but the beating of your heart, the breath in your lungs, and a tarnished past pleading to be rewritten.

Four expansions are included: Treachery, Guilds & Monuments, Myths & Wonders, and Expansion Regions.

1 Visual Guide (Rulebook)
1 Lore / Art Book
1 Double-Sided Game Board
5 Power Boards
5 Metal Player Medallions
5 Monument Boards
5 Metal Guild Favor Tokens
5 Player Trays
1 Community Tray
4 Metal Trigger Tokens
7 Plastic Miniatures
1 Black Monster Die (22mm)
1 White Attribute Die (22mm)
5 Double-sided Reference Sheets
1 Embroidered Cloth Pouch
117 Wooden Blocks
5 Wooden Scoring Discs
6 Mastery Tiles
24 Proficiency Tiles
10 Speed Tiles
5 Player Tiles
34 Hexagonal Region Tiles
69 Companion Cards
15 Pet Cards
12 Loot Cards
6 Infused Crystal Cards
16 Secret Quest Cards
19 Relic Cards
16 Monster Cards
19 Trait Cards
12 Journey Cards
12 End Game Trigger Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 45-150 minutes