Order Overload: Cafe

Order Overload: Cafe

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Forgetting is Fun!

UH OH! Here comes the customer who likes to place confusing orders. Work together to memorize their order. It's ok if you don't remember the order cards that were given to you. But what tends to happen is that only the orders you remember come back to your hand.

For whatever reason, people keep saying the wrong order! It's not a lot to remember, but if you can't do it very well. . .no worries! Hopefully someone else will remember it for you! Well, is everyone ready to give it a shot?

84 Order Cards
6 Special Ability Cards
8 Level Chips
6 Salesperson Chips
4 Rulesheets (English, Spanish, French, German)

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 20 minutes