Tammany Hall (5th Edition)

Tammany Hall (5th Edition)

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Take Power. Rule New York.

The critically-lauded and gamer-adored classic is back due to overwhelming demand! This new edition contains updated artwork and shiny, new meeples.

Tammany Hall is a game of backstabbing, corruption, temporary alliances, and taking power at all costs. If you want to rule New York, you are going to need to play the city's growing immigrant populations against one another. Help immigrant groups to gain political favors, then call in those favors to slander your rivals and win the election.

The player who uses their power the best will be elected mayor, but the mayor's grip on the city is tenuous at best. After every election, the mayor must pay off their political rivals by placing them in offices that they can wield to try and take control of the city. Form alliances, break them. Stab your rivals in the back. Throw elections to ensure you are in a better position for the next cycle. Abuse the power of your office to manipulate the immigrant groups in the city.

1 Game Board
1 Rulebook
100 Immigrant Cubes
  ‣ 25 Irish
  ‣ 25 English
  ‣ 25 German
  ‣ 25 Italian
140 Political Favor Discs
  ‣ 35 Irish
  ‣ 35 English
  ‣ 35 German
  ‣ 35 Italian
100 Ward Boss Player Pieces
2 Council President Tokens
15 Slander Tokens
5 City Office Cards
1 Year Marker
1 Draw Bag

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

• Area Majority / Influence
• Auction/Bidding
• Variable Player Powers