Path of Civilization

Path of Civilization: A Story of Humankind


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Manufacturer: Captain Games

Path of Civilization @ 40:50

Path of Civilization is a Eurogame in which you will find all the elements of a Civilization game: Technologies to discover, Challenges to overcome, Epic Battles to fight, Leaders to recruit, and Wonders to build.

From the dawn of time, your decisions will shape the future of your people. What legacy will you leave in the History of Humanity?

5 Civilization Boards
5 Research Boards
1 Military Board
1 External Threat Pawn
5 Technology Card Organizers
1 Philosophy Board
5 Small Trays
10 Benefit Tokens
185 Technology Cards
40 Leader Cards
40 Wonder Cards
4 Market & Phase Reminder Cards
48 Challenge Cards
24 Battle Cards
150 Cubes
25 Research Cylinders
15 Civilization Pawns
10 Card Stands
1 Game Round Marker
90 Victory Point Tokens
1 Score Pad
Solo Mode
  ‣ 1 Automa Board
  ‣ 5 Civilization Cards
  ‣ 12 Action Cards
  ‣ 5 Interest Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 20 minutes per player

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• Events
• Hand Management
• Simultaneous Action Selection
• Tech Trees / Tech Tracks
• Variable Set-up