Lost Coast #025 Malagus Kreeg (U) (Minis Sale)

Lost Coast #025 Malagus Kreeg (U)

Product #PBLC-025

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Lost Coast minis do not have stat cards.

Pathfinder Battles miniatures are pre-painted plastic and are sold in mint condition.

Product# PBLC-025
Universe: Pathfinder Battles
Set: Lost Coast
Number: 025
Rarity: Uncommon

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Very nice ogre boss
This is a terrific sculpt for an ogre. His dress is definitely a step above normal ogres. The paint job is fair but not great. His eyes make him seem a bit undead. Still, I love all of the ogre minis from Rise of the Runelords and this guy is sculpted just like the book art. He wasn't included in the RotR mini set so it's great that they included him in the Lost Coast.
Game Play
Review by Brian on 10/16/2015
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