Deadly Dinner: The Last Rose

Deadly Dinner: The Last Rose (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Pegasus Spiele

Electrifying attraction, breathtaking dates and true love - the beloved TV show The One offers it all! But when one of the final candidates is found dead, the facade of the million-dollar show begins to crumble.

As host, invite your guests to a dinner party where everyone takes on the role of a murder suspect. One of you committed a murder - but each of you have secrets you'd rather keep to yourselves. Try to discover the secrets of your fellow players without making yourself suspicious. Your goal is to solve the murder case or to get away with the terrible deed - perhaps by implicating someone else!

7 Invitations
7 Character Books
7 Notes in Envelopes
8 Character Standees
7 Place Cards
2 Gameboards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 16+
Players: 5-7
Game Length: 180-240 minutes

• Acting
• Role Playing
• Semi-Cooperative Game
• Storytelling