Forgotten Waters

Forgotten Waters (New Arrival)

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Forgotten Waters Allegro Review
Forgotten Waters Review

Piratey Misadventure In A World o' Magic!

Ahoy, me mateys! From the minds that brought you Dead of Winter comes a thrilling new game for the sea dog in all of us. Forgotten Waters plunges players into the lives of pirates aboard the finest ship ever to sail the seas. Okay, it ain't the finest ship, not even close really, but it's certainly not the worst! Play through exciting app-assisted scenarios, and laugh as you and your friends decide if you want to save the world, or bonk it on the head and steal its money.

Each game of Forgotten Waters is a fantastic new misadventure filled with the discovery of exotic new lands. Players will plunder loot, bury treasure in places they'll never see again, and participate in the kind of violent shenanigans their mothers never approved of.

• Uncover a massive world full of content you will return to over and over again.

• Explore a variety of standalone scenarios, each lead by its own larger-than-life pirate captain whose ambitions may undo you all.

• Develop your own pirate, from their backstory right up to their explosive, ignoble end!

• Face harrowing Crossroads Events that will reshape the course of the game.

1 Rulebook
1 Pad of Ship's Log Sheets
1 Pad of Player Sheets
1 Map Board
6 Player Boards
8 Standees
7 Twelve-sided Dice
204 Mini Size Cards
143 Tokens & Markers

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-7
Game Length: 180-240 minutes




This is my favorite game since Gloomhaven and is by far the best Crossroads Game Plaid Hat has to offer (and I really loved Dead of Winter). FW is a wonderful cooperative experience that makes you feel like you're part of a high-adventure pirate story.
Forgotten Waters is my favorite game built on the Crossroads system by Plaid Hat Games so far. It's like playing a Co-op voice-acted Choose-Your-Own Adventure game written to achieve a wonderful pirate-y experience with game play that encourages participation and Tom Foolery. The addition of mad-lib style character development adds to the funny but sometimes endearing character backstories and has provided many a laugh at our game table to date. This is a real humdinger and an easy recommendation to anyone interested in having a good time with friends while playing a pirate crew bound for adventure.
Game Play
Review by David on 6/22/2020
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