Iron Kingdoms RPG: Core Rules

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Core Rules (Last Chance)

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Embark upon a journey of adventure and intrigue in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel. Armed with mechanika and accompanied by mighty steamjacks, explore the soot-covered cities of the Iron Kingdoms and the fell ruins of ancient powers.

This essential full-color guide to the award-winning Iron Kingdoms setting equips you with:

A robust, elegant rules system crafted especially for the world of the Iron Kingdoms. This system builds upon the rules foundation of the critically acclaimed WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures games to meet the complex needs of a roleplaying game.

Rules for character creation and advancement that let you take on the role of iconic Iron Kingdoms characters like fell callers, field mechaniks, gun mages, warcasters, and more.

Details on diverse playable races: humans, gobbers, Iosans, Nyss, ogrun, Rhulfolk, and trollkin.

Crafting systems that enable you to explore the mysteries of mechanika and alchemy.

A comprehensive overview of life in the Iron Kingdoms and the history of western Immoren.