Iron Kingdoms RPG: Requiem Campaign Setting

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Requiem Campaign Setting (D&D 5E Compatible)

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Welcome Back to the Iron Kingdoms

Delve into the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms with the latest edition of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game from Privateer Press. Iron Kingdoms: Requiem combines this fantastic setting with the newest edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.

Inside, you'll find the history of the Iron Kingdoms and the current state of the world following the Claiming and detailed information on the most notable of the world's unique and fascinating locations.

Whether you want to be a human, gobber, trollkin, Rhulic dwarf, orgrun, Iosan, or Nyss elf, you'll find all the rules that make these different peoples unique when building your character! Then choose a familiar class from the stalwart man-at-arms to the free-flowing monk of the Order of the Fist, or try something new like a gun mage, arcane mechanik, combat alchemist, or even a warcaster!

Add in new feats, spells, and backgrounds to make your characters feel even more a part of the world of the Iron Kingdoms, plus rules for arcane technologies of the land - like firearms and galvanic armor - and you'll be ready for adventure.

Whether it's your first time in the Iron Kingdoms or your latest excursion, you'll find full metal fantasy rules awaiting you!

268 pages


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