Riot Quest: Treasure Chests & Flugwug the Filcher

Riot Quest: Treasure Chests & Flugwug the Filcher

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Pump up your plunder with fully realized, three-dimensional, solid matter renditions of your Riot Quest treasure chests! Then, savor the salt of your opponent's tears as you shamelessly pillage these containers of coinage with Flugwug the Filcher's ranged loot licker.

The Treasure Chest models are the perfect way to add a bit of bling to your Riot Quest Arena. Each model replaces one of the six Treasure Chest tokens found in the Riot Quest starter box and is placed on Treasure Beacons as that Chest type spawns into play.

The Flugwug model provides players one of the most mobile Rogue class Heroes in all of Riot Quest, capable of leaping around the Arena and looting Treasure Chests up to 3 hexes away with his weird, sticky tongue.

When played in Warmachine & Hordes, Flugwug is a Mercenary Minion Croak Solo that will work for Cryx, Circle, Legion, Skorne, and Trollbloods.

Resin and white metal components.

1 Rogue-class Miniature
6 Treasure Chests
6 Treasure Cards
1 Hero Stat Card
1 Gear Stat Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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