Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

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Settlers from three Nordic empires have decided to start their voyages and set sail for new lands where they hope to find more resources, and increase their opportunities to grow. Building new structures, taking advantage of upcoming events, and outsmarting opponents is their path to greatness.

This installment in the Imperial Settlers family takes players to the seas! Empires of the North is a stand-alone card game designed by industry veteran Ignacy Trzewiczek (Detective, Robinson Crusoe, and more). The box contains 6 unique, ready-to-play decks featuring Vikings, Scots, and Inuit Clans!

Build Your Empire! Choose from 6 unique decks!
• The Ulaf Clan of Feared Vikings
• The Heidel Clan of Merry & Jovial Vikings
• The Nanurjuk Clan of Traveling Inuits
• The Panuk Clan of Reclusive Inuits
• The MacKinnon Clan of the Wealthy Scots
• The Glenn Clan of the Wise Scotts

Command Your Clan. Utilize the 5 clan actions.
• Harvest
• Sail
• Explore
• Construct
• Populate

Sail to Distant Island! Pillage villages or settle new lands.

220 Cards
130+ Wooden Markers
1 Expedition Board
1 Score Board
16 Ship Tokens
5 Action Tokens
11 Raze Tokens
4 Clan Tiles
5 Marker Tokesn
1 First Player Tokne
2 Multiplier Toknes
21 Gold Tokens
6 Faction Markers
8 Stickers
1 Rulebook
1 Solo Variant Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-90 minutes

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• Card Drafting
• Hand Management
• Take That
• Variable Player Powers