Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - Egyptian Kings Expansion

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - Egyptian Kings Expansion

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Manufacturer: Portal Games

Empires of the North: Egyptian @ 54:11

Everything that the North once knew is about to change. The sun beats down, god-like, on the golden sand, and the magnificent pyramids rise up to greet it. These mysterious structures stand ready, but what others here have turned to dust? Who built them and how? The people of the Nile have harnessed its seasons and turned the resources toward infinite wonder and wealth. It's time for the Empires of the North to set sail up the great river, to its most wondrous gift - Egypt!

This expansion introduces two new Clans to the game, as well as 5 new Islands. Egyptian Clans offer new strategies such as Harvesting a multitude of Resources and using unknown Alien Technology!

33 Hatshepsut Clan Card
34 Amenhotep Clan Cards
5 Island Cards
5 Clan Ship Tokens
2 Clan Score Markers
1 Special Clan Action Pawn w/ Sticker
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Empires of the North is required to play.

• Hand Management
• Variable Player Powers