Reign 2E RPG: Realms

Reign 2E RPG: Realms (New Arrival)

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Welcome to Reign: Realms, a One Roll Engine-powered setting for the second edition of the Reign roleplaying game. Heluso & Milonda is a fantasy world like none other birthed from the mind of Greg Stolze, designer of Godlike, Wild Talents, Dueling Fops of Vindamere, and half of the design team of Unknown Armies.

The very geography of Heluso and Milonda is outlandish and strange, as its folk live out their lives on the vast, calcified bodies of two dead gods locked in an eternal lover's embrace. A wealth of detailed cultures populate these strange continents, tailored to the Reign system rules for running nations and influencing factions.

 • The Ulds, a people who've rebuilt themselves after all the old authorities were swept away, becoming the most advanced, progressive, expansionist, and liberal nation in all the world.

 • The fearsome warrior Truils who border the land of the Ulds, their survival as exiles in the darkness defined by their position pressed between unforgiving nature and expanding neighbors.

 • The Dinadavarans, the people of the sword, who live within a hierarchy of rigid honor. Their legendary weapons can cleave anything from solid rock to an opponent's very soul.

 • The Empire, the old, decadent, byzantine structure scheming against itself and fueling its continued corrupt existence through the plunder of its former colonies.

 • The immutably caste-shackled people of the Maemeck Matriarchy, who defend their realm while riding their fearsome and colossal flying mounts.

 • The Ob Lobs, a culture of seafaring nomands who regard everything on the seas as, technically, their property. They can be found everywhere but always strangers wherever they are.

 • The Ussient, tribal dwellers in trees the size of cities. Their society holds arrogance to be the highest value and each Ussient believes they have the potential for an epic destiny, perhaps even godhood.

 • The Ruhini city states, existing where the water meets the desert, a region of extremes and contrasts, and home to types of enchantment that everyone either covets, fears, or both fears and covets.

Heluso and Milonda is a world where cities are ruled by clairvoyant sorcerers who need never die - as long as their vile appetites are fed. Sects of fanatics use magic to turn their own bones to rock, iron, and sometimes even gold. Wizards grow wings and spit lightning. Demons evolve over years, decades, and centuries until they must be fought, not by heroes, but by nations. Its mysteries and revelations await your Reign companies.

Additionally, Realms contains two smaller settings that flex the One Roll Engine rules in different directions:

 • Ardwin demolishes and reassembles the treatment of "fantasy races" with no humans, a clear split between how you're born and how you're raised, and fantasy genetics explaining how six different humanoid groups interbreed.

 • Nain is a setting of high wizardry where the wands, pointy hats, and spell grammar hide a society full of inequalities, resentments, and treasonous conspiracies.

Containing all the fantasy world material from Reign first edition, this book vastly expands upon the settings, collecting a wealth of material never before available in print.

296 pages

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Reign 2E RPG: Rulebook is required to play.