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Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy

Product Review (submitted on October 26, 2015):
This game is extremely intimidating to begin playing, the player aids look like they have some kind of alien hieroglyphics and the concept of the game is a bit hazy at first, but after playing two turns your eyes will grow wide as you realize how remarkably simple and brilliant this game really is.

This game is excellent in every way. Much of the games strategy lies in efficiently using your workers (DIce) while anticipating your opponents actions so you can piggy back off of them to make the most of every turn.

Games are played in 30-45 minutes with experienced players and even though this game is intimidating to teach at first if you have players who are patient and willing to learn it is actually very easy to grasp how to play once the game begins.

I highly recommend this game, everything about it is really excellent.
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