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Dust 1947: Operation Hades (Clearance)

Dust 1947: Operation Hades (Clearance)

Product Review (submitted on December 30, 2012):
Operation: Hades offers DT players a new way to play the game by plunging them beneath the city of Zverograd. Quarters are tight, and limited visibility means the darkness provides cover and almost all combat will be close and brutal. Playing in the sewers and metro will require a new approach to tactics.

Even cooler, you can combine the below-ground maps with above ground maps, playing a game on both at the same time. Entry/exit points to the underground match those above ground.

What's in the box:
- Tiles: They say there are 31 tiles included, but really they mean 31 tiles and terrain squares. Included are terrain squares for trees/sewer covers, entrances to the Metro, trains, and tight corridors. So there are not 31 full size tiles in this set (which would be massive). That said, everything included is of value and different than any of the other expansions.

- Winter's Child: Awesome mini. He comes with swappable heads - one helmeted and one not, as well as a clear post to attach him to his base in a "jumping" pose. My only gripe: noticable flash lines along his right arm. Understandable, but they're in a prominent place.

- Rulebook: Check it out on the Fantasy Flight site. New rules for underground combat (including random zombie attacks!) as well as some great scenarios for combined above/below ground games. The included scenarios are nice. I'd recommend pairing this set with Cerberus so you can sneak into buildings from the sewers. Cool.

- A double sided poster with a map of Zverograd and a map of the Metro: Useful for planning your own campaigns, which this set has nice ideas for.
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