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Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Posted by Rolling Dice and Taking Names on Aug 16, 2018

This is our Gen Con recap show and we have joining us, like he had a choice, is Rodney Smith from Watch It Played. We discuss the shiny things we saw at the show and the adventures we had while there. Marty and I were also lucky enough to sit down with Joe Manganiello and discuss his new line of clothes Death Saves. We even have time to discuss the recently released game Railroad Rivals by Forbidden Games. Love my train games and this is a straight forward pick up and deliver game where you are trying to manipulate the prices of stocks that you are collecting so you have the most money at the end. What makes this game different is the strategy of placing the city tiles in hopes of connecting more than one route which if done, can greatly benefit you in the game.

There were other games we played, but didn’t go into any details. The breakdown of the show is in the table below, so hopefully that will help you navigate to the parts you might want to hear.

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Featured Games:
Detective - 0:02:55
Keyforge - 0:32:14
Symphony No. 9 - 1:23:00
Railroad Rivals - 1:32:20
Yellow & Yangtze - 2:07:39