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Don't Be Mad At X-Wing 2.0

Spikey Bits

Posted by Spikey Bits on Aug 16, 2018

Did FFG just future-proof the game against bloat and cheesy combos? Looking at you Jump master... Hear our thoughts as we compare it to Warhammer 40k.

X-Wing 2.0 Discussion


Erik Szpyra posted on 8/20/2018 1:22 PM
Sorry Spikey, but you are off base with your cost comparison argument because the demographics and game categories of Xwing and 40k are quite different. Xwing is a prepainted, very small model count minis game. While it can get cumulatively expensive, it's upfront costs are far lower than that of 40k, a large scale, unpainted, unassembled, high model count, large play area, multi-hour playing time war game.

Xwing is a casual game that can be played competitively. Any investment in 40k is far from casual - it's just a completely different hobby.

All that said, all Xwing players finds themselves requiring the new core set. You need the damage deck contained therein. There is no way around this.

Additionally, existing players must buy a conversion kit (or in my case, 6 - 1 per faction, plus an extra rebel). This is a $350 hit.

Maybe 40k players, who have far more money and time invested are fine with paying that to stay current - but Xwing players aren't and FFG is going to see the game fail as players shed all but one faction instead of trying to buy more just to use what they already own.

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