Holiday Gifts: Stocking Stuffer Games

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Posted by Review Corner on Nov 14, 2017

Jason Brown (Guest Contributor): Head of sales and acquisitions for the Card Game Department at Miniature Market. He has been playing Magic since 1994 and has been on the retail side of the industry for 14 years. As a player with a long history of putting Magic goodies on his holiday wish list, he has selected an assortment of the most exciting Magic products of the year to get for the Magic player on your shopping list.

Magic the Gathering: Ixalan - Booster Pack

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of eggnog! Magic's newest set features Pirates, Dinosaurs, Vampires, and Merfolk - it's got everything but the kitchen sink! The most popular set of the year is a can't miss gift for the Magic player on your holiday shopping list.

Magic the Gathering: Iconic Masters - Booster Pack

Featuring some of the most memorable and powerful cards in Magic's history, Iconic Masters should be at the top of any big-time Magic player's holiday wish list. Booster packs make a great stocking stuffer and booster boxes fit snuggly under the tree!

Ultra Pro Abacus Life Counter: Magic the Gathering - Gold

Who needs pen and paper when you've got a sweet looking abacus? This flashy, old-school inspired life counter is a sure way to make the Magic player on your list happy and hip this holiday.

Magic the Gathering: Amonkhet Loyalty Dice Set

Help your favorite Magic player keep track of their Planeswalkers in style with this cool stocking stuffer!

Joe Ploch (Guest Contributor): Lifelong gamer and former buyer at Miniature Market. Designer of board games, Game Plus Products and Ironclad Games.

Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Single-Figure Booster Pack

Check out these collectible Heroclix packs that feature characters from the smash hit: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Collect the whole team and save the galaxy!

Tiny Terrain

Accent your favorite tabletop minis, rpg, or board game with tiny terrain.

Zen Bins: 2-in-1 Token Tray

Organize all of your tokens, pieces, chits, and dice!

Citadel Painting Handle

Quite possibly the best, most useful and inexpensive gift you could give a miniature painter. This lovely device puts a big grip on a figure for ease of painting. I'd like a stocking filled with them, to be honest.

Miniature Market Gift Card

Nothing fits into a stocking quite like a gift card. Whether you need a $5 top-off gift or a $100 main event, you really can't go wrong here.

Dice Heist

My favorite new, small form-factor game is Dice Heist. It's not expensive, small, and punches well above its weight class. I highly recommend it to people who like light, but nasty, little dice games.

Star Fluxx is an entertaining game in which each player starts with 3 cards; from there, the game just keeps changing. However, Star Fluxx is easy to learn because each card clearly explains the changes to the game. Star Fluxx begins with just a couple of very simple rules (take a card, play a card), but new rules are added throughout the game and take effect immediately. Thus, every game of Fluxx is different from the previous one.

Love Letter
is one of the best card games I've ever played. It’s a fast-paced game of luck and deduction for 2–4 players. Its setup is quick and the gameplay is simple for anyone and everyone. In Love Letter, the players compete for the heart of the Princess by trying to pass her a love letter while keeping other players’ letters away. The game contains 16 game cards, 4 reference cards and 13 wooden tokens of affection.