Kaosball Teams 1 & 2 Review


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Posted by Charlie on Apr 20, 2015

Kaosball is a ferocious no holds barred, pitched battle that happens to have a ball tossed into the middle of field where it is all taking place. Variety is a key principal of this fantasy battle-slash-sports game as it launched with 18 teams, a bevy of options that can overwhelm as the mare jumps out of the gate. The first two clubs feature a couple of groups that are polar opposite and would likely salivate at the opportunity to rend each other limb from limb at the sound of the whistle. Malevolence opposed by virtue, the battle of good versus evil; it's something we've all flirted with and now you can watch it play out on your Kaosball pitch like a lightning fast guttural explosion of muscle and tissue. Let’s have a look at these very different clubs.

“There ain’t no AYE in team, but there is MEAT. And that’s you when we’re done.” -Coach Dru, Worstshire Goblins

The Worstshire Goblins are a group of evil little bastards that take up the flag of the more sordid side of the game, embodying a symbolic uppercut to the groin of the collective Kaosball league. Their punk screw-off attitude is exemplified by their willingness to dive in and get dirty. Recklessness and balls of steel constitute mandatory qualities if one is to succeed coaching these green scumbags.

Their team ability is actually one of the more interesting ones in the game as it encourages coordinated group movement and effective positioning. If at the end of your turn you have two standing figures adjacent to an opponent the enemy is automatically benched as you beat them down and step upon their squishy skull in an epic mosh. This means you can absolutely tear up a team and seize control of the board simply by swarming and outmaneuvering. Like little rats nipping at the heels of a greater foe, you will want to take risks and leave yourself possibly exposed simply to box in the enemy and send him to the sidelines.

Increasing the focus on this special maneuver is the fact that you're dealt a zero in all three stats coupled with only two health. Taken alone, that is monumental suck as both your Bruisers and Runners won't last long in contests and don't have an edge over opponents who are functioning without life support. The requirement then is that you must utilize your team ability and this requires cunning and forethought.

The most remarkable aspect of this team is that their direction and play-style is very specific. While most of the teams have some sort of specialty, many are very forgiving and allow you to adapt and attempt several different tactical approaches. On the converse of the spectrum is the Goblins that require you to envelope the forward line and painstakingly claim as much of the battlefield as possible. It's a staggered defense where you're trying to lure the enemy into a minefield and hide the fact that their best bet is simply cutting through your scum like a combine through a wheat field. Fortunately, the approach espoused by the green-skins is a very enjoyable, raucous experience that will be embraced by a huge number of players.

"The game may have changed, but our principles have not" - Coach Z, St. Cloud Paragons

The St. Cloud Paragons are a single buoy of light in an ocean of piss and vomit. Fortunately they are a well-rounded, experienced team that features members able to stand alone or work in concert. They're adaptable and highly effective under a multitude of circumstances, making them one of the more forgiving factions in the game.

Their core virtues of honor and sacrifice afford a team ability that allows them to bench one of their own to add two to their total in a contest. This is an extremely powerful ability with a substantial cost, putting greater emphasis on shrewd decision making and decisive action. You will need to quickly identify the most important battles and allow your warriors to sacrifice themselves for the greater good when the time has come. Foresight and a strong grasp of the big picture are inherent traits that you will want to stretch for if you want success with the Paragons.

Statistically this team is very solid. Their Bruisers have a nice three health while their runners have the standard two. This melds nicely with their +1 in every stat, allowing their two unit types to succeed at a strong rate in every category of the game. You will not back down from any struggle and will able to make efficient use of your energy cards. Add in the Greater Good team ability and you can win as long as you keep the end game in mind and don't get caught up on minute details.

Both of these teams offer interesting new avenues to explore Kaosball and are heavily recommended. They offer divergent strategies from the base game and allow you to fill your dugout with a couple of solid twists. In terms of value, the excellent sculpts combine with effective abilities to bulk out two teams that should repeatedly make it to the table. A moral dichotomy of utmost interest, the Paragons and Goblins will be bashing each other's skulls until the end of time.