Kingdomino: Age of Giants - A Photostory

The Review Board

Posted by The Review Board on Mar 8, 2018

Disclaimer: rules were explained during a demo at the NYC Toy Fair; please pardon any mistakes.

Kingdomino – Age of Giants is a new expansion to the known and loved game Kingdomino. This expansion introduces giants to your kingdom, as well as a 5th player. If you already own both Kingdomino and Queendomino you can now play the game with a lot of people.

Giants, what do they do? When you take a tile with a giant drawing on it and add it to your kingdom, you must add a giant meeple to your kingdom as well. Giants are unfavorable resident in your kingdom, because each giant blocks a single crown on a single title that you may select. Thus, the addition of a giant to your kingdom results in the loss of points.

If you think that you should just avoid tiles with giants, you miss a very important tactic that can help you win, because adding giants to your kingdom is where the strategy begins. If you have giants in your kingdom, you can outcast them and send them to a different kingdom; this is done by adding a tile with footsteps on it to your kingdom. The player who receives the giant may select which crown that giant will block, but he or she lose points if by the end of the game they can’t get rid of it.

The expansion also adds one small yet important addition to the game: additional end of game objectives. This addition makes Kingdomino much more challenging and improves replayability. The new expansion eliminates the old bonus points rule for having your castle in the middle of the kingdom. Now players score points for unique objectives. For example, having your kingdom surrounded by a certain terrain or having sea tiles at the edges of your kingdom.

This expansion adds a lot of flavor to Kingdomino, and will put it at a difficulty level that is just between Kingdomino and Queendomino. If you are brave enough to add it to Queendomino, you’ll get an even more strategic and challenging game than the one you already have.