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RDTN 152: All My Rowdy Friends

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Posted by Rolling Dice and Taking Names on Sep 5, 2018

Nostalgia gives us that feeling of a melancholy time from our past when we were happy and can be brought on from a smell, a sight, or even the buzz of a motor vibrating a piece of metal...

That is right, we got to enjoy the rebirth of Electric Football from Tudor Games recently and the moment we pushed the button to cause the players to move and I heard that familiar sound, I was filled with nostalgia. I remember playing this game with friends and the excitement as we watched our players “move” across the field like we were at a real football game. We didn’t have a local NFL team in Charlotte back then and this was our way creating our own memories of going to a game. Not only that, we were the coach. We had our playbook and the satisfaction of watching a receiver run a route to perfection and score was a huge sense of accomplishment. But don’t forget the curiosity this game creates because as a kid, I wanted to understand how it worked. Why did the vibrating metal make those little plastic tabs move across the board.

With Tudor Games celebrating 70 years of football, which I didn’t realize it was that old, and the resurgence of board games, this is something you need to check out. With refined rules, an application to help with the flow of the game, and the ability to design even more complex plays, Electric Football from Tudor Games just makes smile.

Then we moved on to fantasy football and not the one where you draft pro players of today. We are talking the stream lined version of Blood Bowl which is now Blitz Bowl. When I tried Blood Bowl, I enjoyed it, but y’all know me, long play time is not my thing. So with Blitz Bowl, my ears perked up and I was interested. I will say, this game was more of a chess match than a football game for me. It was about player pieces on the board and the strategy that was associated with them. Not so much about getting a touchdown. Anyway, other than the dice not being kind, this was a fun one on the table.

Finally, the episode is around our exploits at Mega Moose Con. This is a local con put on by Scurry Reported Mark Kale and he and his team do an incredible job. Thanks to everyone we say and got to play games with over the weekend.
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Featured Games:
Guardians - 0:14:04
Welcome To Your Perfect Home - 0:18:25
Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road - 0:23:25


David McRee posted on 9/12/2018 11:41 AM
Chris, Sorry I didn't meet you on Saturday when I was at the con from 8am to Midnight. Unfortunately my time was limited this year do to traveling for our vacation. Sorry to hear that you didn't have a good time playing games at the gaming convention. One again sorry I missed you on Saturday.

Mark Kale posted on 9/12/2018 11:41 AM
I am Mark Kale and I organize MegaMooseCon. I am saddened and quite honestly surprised you did not have a great time. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. This is literally the only negative feedback I have received.
To address the things you mentioned here.
Marty was at the convention all three days basically all day long. No one else would know this but Tony actually went to great extents to make sure he could be there all day Saturday even though he was preparing to go out of town. MegaMooseCon is the MOST accessible you will find Tony and Marty at a convention.

We don’t have any game manufacturer vendors. Our convention isn’t big enough for vendors to justify shipping a bunch of merchandise and flying out representatives to man a booth. They support smaller conventions in other ways. They provided prizes, library games, and demo teams.

Contact me at [email protected] if you need to discuss it further.
Marty Connell posted on 9/12/2018 11:41 AM
Hi this is Marty from Rolling Dice & Taking Names. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. I was there all 3 days and Tony was there all day on Saturday. We spent most of our time gaming in the main hall with the attendees.

And while small cons may have publishers sponsor giveaways, they rarely attend as it is not financially viable for them to do so.

Again, sorry we didn't get a chance to meet!
Chris Campana posted on 9/11/2018 10:52 AM
I went to Mega Moose Con because it was my first gaming con and I never seen these games or that logo. I live in Irmo SC and the gaming con was in Richburg SC. the reason I posted this because I have seen the logo for MMC and I bought the weekend pass. I was highly disappointed because I did not see anyone from Rolling Dice & Taking Names there nor did I see any vendors that were from any gaming manufactures at all. I saw two store vendors and thats it. sorry I had to comment because seeing that logo Mega Moose Con is not worth it since I wasted gas and my hard earned money to that so called gaming con.

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