That's a Question! - A Photostory

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Posted by The Review Board on Oct 4, 2017

Is this a Chipmunk? That’s a Question! Why is there a chipmunk next to this board game? That’s a Question! Did you know there is a difference between chipmunks and squirrels? Yes, obviously. And also - That’s a Question! Wait, was I supposed to bring snacks to game night? That’s a GREAT Question.

Am I being goofy? Yes, I am, but only because the rulebook is also a bit goofy.

That's a Question! is a light party game for 3 to 6 players. It was designed by Vlaada Chvátil and published by Czech Games Edition. This game is all about squirrels. No, wait, it’s about questions. Well, it’s one or the other. Players play as squirrels that race each other, trying to gain points. They advance on the board by guessing what answer the other player (the answerer) gave to a personal question (e.g., would you choose X or Y?).

These personal questions always have two options (Option A or Option B) and come in 3 flavors:
Which of these two would you choose?
Whom do you consider worst?
Which would you miss more if ceased to exist?

So, for the most important question: How does advancing on the board work? (i.e., how do I win?). First, the answerer always advances one space (you get something for being in the spotlight). Squirrels that guess correctly advance one step on the board, and the squirrels that guess incorrectly stay where they are. The asker gets to advance for each incorrect guess, so craft your questions carefully.

There are two tiles that may advance you further on the board, and they add a bit of strategy to the guessing. The “3X” tile moves you three spaces if you guess the correct answer, and the tough question tile (“?!?”) advances you one space for each incorrect guess. Once used, the tile is placed on the board and can be reused only if you pass certain points on the board.

To make things fair and inclusive, one can only ask a player a question if she or he has an acorn at their position. The asker may choose any player with an acorn, and take that player’s acorn before presenting them with a question.

That’s a Question is a light party game that might not work for all players. Its style (strongly based on preexisting knowledge of the other players) prevents it from being an ice breaker game or a game you would play with people you do not know well. How can you tell if a stranger would miss bacon more than ice cream (bacon, definitely bacon. No, wait, maybe ice cream. Ice cream with bacon! NOM!). However, if you enjoy learning new things (or confirming old assumptions) about your family, friends and loved ones this game might be for you.

And YES! You were supposed to bring snacks to game night!