Welcome To Your Perfect Home Review

Spikey Bits

Posted by Spikey Bits on Jul 12, 2018

Looking for a quick and fun game with vintage styling and replay factor? Welcome to your perfect home may just be the one for your game nights!

Welcome to Your Perfect Home is a roll and write game that doesn’t actually use dice. Designed by Benoit Turpin and published by Blue Cocker Games and Deep Water Games, with charming vintage styled artwork by Anne Heidsieck.

It plays in roughly 25 minutes and can host 1 to 100 players, I’m not even kidding.

This game also features charming vintage styled artwork by Anne Heidsieck. Welcome to Your perfect Home plays in roughly 25 minutes and can host 1 to 100 players, I’m not even kidding. You can truly play with as many people as you want due to how the game works.

Roll and writes are becoming to new board game hotness it seems. In the industry a common joke among designers is to ask “so what roll and write are you working on?” Typically a roll and write use dice and a pad of paper in which you roll and use the numbers to fill in boxes in the best manner in order to score the most points.

Welcome to Your perfect Home uses an effective simultaneous player action mechanism in order to function for large groups of players. Each game is set up with three public city plans that players are racing to score and three separate decks of cards. The decks of cards are essentially proxies for dice, the random flips of the cards replicates the probability of dice perfectly and adds a secondary function. Each card is double sided showing a house number and the back has a bonus action icon.

Each player will use a pad of paper that has sets of houses across three streets. This is the framework of your neighborhood that you will build. Once the three cards flip each round you will pick the house number and bonus from any of the three combinations. You can write a house number on any house on any street however once you put a number down you can’t put a higher number to the left of that house. All your houses have to be in ascending order however it’s not necessary or even practical to be sequential in order, although you may have games where your houses are in perfect order.

The other side of the house cards feature bonuses such as pools, parks, or even fences. If you choose a park, for instance, the street you place your house on you will cross off the lowest number of parks which will give more points as you cross off more and more. Pools can be placed if the house you write in actually has a pool in the artwork. Fences are great for creating estates which are groups of homes and can earn you lots of points as well as scoring the city plans. The temp agency lets you add or subtract 1 or 2 from the house number in order to fit the number in an otherwise illegal spot.

The game is over when a player score all three city plans, builds all the houses on their streets, or if anyone crosses off their third building permit refusal which you cross off when you can’t play any cards.

Welcome to Your Perfect Home also features a solo mode, which more games are doing these days.

I caught wind of all the buzz this game was generating prior to my trip to Origins Game Fair and took a chance to see what all the hype was. Needless to say, when I taught this game to my game night group they, and myself included, were pleasantly surprised with how much of a hit it was.

Having never played a roll and write game outside of Yahtzee I suppose, I wasn’t sure what to expect or that I’d even like it. But after our first game, we were all ready to play again. So it turns out I acquired yet another hit purchase from Origins.