Dice Realms

Dice Realms

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Your small realm is ripe for farming and mining, and those battlements should hold...for now. But winter is coming, and there are only so many hours in a day. So, where should you spend your limited time? Should you harvest wheat, collect ore or reinforce your defenses? The hand of fate is fickle, and only the player with the best foresight will triumph!

Dice Realms, a new, innovative twist on "dice customization," is the latest game from Tom Lehmann, award-winning designer of Race for the Galaxy.

In Dice Realms, each player rules a small realm, represented by two or more customizable dice. The removable die faces allow for the strategic improvement of farming, mining, defense, upgrades, and more. Each round, the players simultaneously roll their dice to collect grain, victory points, and coins. Then, they must decide how to upgrade their die faces to improve their realms. But the players must be careful; each round, the Fate Die is rolled, and fate can be fickle.

The survival of your realm is in your hands: Will it thrive or merely survive?


18 Customizable Dice
668 Plug-in Dice Faces
3 Trays with Locking Lids
24 Die Tools
35 Randomizer Tiles
48 Grain Pieces
128 Die Cut Counters
4 Treasury Tiles
4 Upgrade Disks
2 Reference Sheets
Cloth Bag
Summary Tile

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45-60 minutes

• Deck, Bag, and Pool Building