Set a Watch

Set a Watch

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Rob Looks At Set A Watch

The Kingdom is in grave danger. Powerful enemies are conspiring to resurrect the vile and powerful Unhallowed that your party has just slain. Now you, the mighty adventurers of the land, must visit these summoning locations and defeat the hordes of creatures behind this evil plot. It falls to four mighty adventurers, each of whom has a unique set of skills, to ban together once more to vanquish this evil before the Unhallowed consume the world in darkness.

In Set a Watch, a cooperative game for 1-4 players, you must secure nine locations to prevent the acolytes from breaking the seals holding back the evil Unhallowed. Each round your party will visit a new location and pick an adventurer to rest and take camp actions. The rest of the party will take watch and battle a line of monsters trying to make their way into camp using your dice and unique character abilities. Manipulating the creature line is essential to solving each round's combat puzzle. It is a battle to stay alive and keep the campfire burning! Use your wits and skill to fight for the light...or all will perish in the darkness.

6 Adventurer Boards
30 Adventurer Ability Cards
9 Unhallowed Creature Cards
42 Creature Cards
20 Location Cards
9 Six-sided Dice
9 Eight-sided Dice
4 Rest Tokens
1 Fire Token
1 Rulebook
1 Magnetic Box & Foldout Camp Board

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60 minutes




Tight design and thoughtful choices. Great game and value!
Set A Watch is a tight game of strategy and resource management designed to mimic a simplified D&D adventure. The feature set is very well streamlined with all the fat trimmed so that players can get down to business very quickly. The tactical options available each round feel very meaningful and give players a lot to think about and discuss as they take their actions. I have only two minor complaints: First, that the game doesn't scale for multiple players - it is literally the solo game, but with players dividing up the gameplay options. I don't consider this a deal-breaker at all. In fact, the choices can be a bit heavy for solo play and the divvying up and communication of multiplayer actually provides the best experience, IMO. But if you like strictly delineated and scaling gameplay in your co-op games, be aware of this. Second, there is no loot system. A major aspect of a D&D adventure is notably absent and adding some form of character progression would help a lot. Maybe there will be a future expansion to add this.

The content might feel a little repetitive after several playthroughs, but IMO there is an acceptable amount of variety to keep things fresh and unpredictable through the randomization in the card appearance. For occasional or casual play, it is a fantastic experience and one I look forward to. This game is a great value and the thought and effort put into it is evident from the first time you open up the box.
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Review by Distractionbeast on 12/2/2019
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