Time's Up! Title Recall

Time's Up! Title Recall

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We crammed over 800 famous things into this box. It's up to you to figure them out!

Racing through the deck of fame - Your team competes in three fun-filled rounds to guess the most movies, TV shows, songs, books, and more.

Time Is Ticking - Give verbal and visual cues to your partner to identify the famous title on your card. Got it right? Grab another!

Wildly Hilarious - Can you describe the Mona Lisa? How about in just one word? Great, but now it's round three...Be the Mona Lisa...

Act Fast - you only get 30 seconds each turn. Do whatever it takes to get them to guess the most before Time's Up!

432 Cards
1 Score Pad
30-second Timer

Ages: 12+
Players: 3-8
Game Length: 60 minutes