Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set

Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set

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Even gods can die. As they fall, only their divine essence remains, great crystal meteors known as godtears raining from the skies to land in the mortal realm. A few rare mortal champions are able to withstand and harness the immense power of a godtear but, once they taste that power, they are driven by an endless ambition to gain more.
In Godtear, players take control of these mighty champions attempting to claim the essence of the shattered gods as their own, so they can ascend to the throne of immortality and untold power.

Throwing players into the thick of it right from the start of the game, momentum swings dynamically between each player as the two sides clash until a winner emerges. Combat is smooth and fluid, with separate phases each turn that allow players to zoom out to plot their strategy, and then jump back in as the fighting begins again. This box set contains everything two players need to get started.

12 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Finvarr, Lord of Mirages
  ‣ 3 Shadow Sentinels
  ‣ 1 Titus, The Disgraced
  ‣ 5 Glory Seekers
  ‣ 2 Banners
1 Double-Sided Battlefield
10 Dice
24 Objective Hexes
6 Profile Cards
3 Dashboards
85 Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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A sleeper hit for fans of arena-style miniatures combat
Having played a solid bit of Warhammer: Underworlds, I found the game's deckbuilding elements intimidated the more casual gamers in my playgroup from taking up the system. After learning a bit about Godtear and hearing from a friend that it takes 15 minutes to learn, I decided to give the system a go.

They were right, and I'm glad I did. The core rules of the game are simple, intuitive, and well-preserved by the game's full-color rulebook. I was delighted by the fact that the rulebook itself uses images and references from the two Champions present in the box, and I assume this holds true for its sister set. The set's other ancillary components - cardboard tokens, proprietary dice, cards, objective hexes, and a surprisingly massive double-sided board - are all of similarly high quality.

The models themselves are brilliant as well. I found a handful of trivial issues (they are of a softer plastic, so some easily-corrected bending is to be expected), but the level of detail and artistic direction for the sculpts are both quite good.

Most importantly, the game is quick, brutal fun. Champions and their followers feel different and characterful, and the tug-of-war nature of the scoring track makes for tense and highly enjoyable clutch moments. While I haven't yet had the opportunity to play a "standard" 3 Champion vs. 3 Champion game, I'm champing at the bit to explore new combinations of champions and their synergies.

This one is a slam dunk, and well worth the cost of entry with a starter set. This box contains everything you and a friend need to dive into the mechanics of the broader game, or enough for one person to bring two Champions to a "small" game. If you're looking to get your team ready to mix it up in a Standard match, check out any of the single-character expansions. I'd recommend going for a Slayer (Red) or Shaper (Green) character of your liking, to give your lads a bit more in the way of Champion-killing or battlefield control, respectively.

In conclusion, while I'm not sure that I'd say that Godtear is God-tier, it's a brilliant addition to any miniature or competitive gamer's shelf.
Game Play
Review by Chris on 2/5/2020