Diamonds (2nd Edition)

Diamonds (2nd Edition)

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

Diamonds is a trick-taking card game in which players collect Diamonds - not cards bearing that suit, mind you, but rather actual "Diamond Crystals" (acrylic crystals) included in the game.

What makes the game of Diamonds different from other trick-taking card games is that when you cannot follow suit you get a "Suit Action"based on what suit you do play. Suit Actions are also taken by the winner of each trick, as well as at the end of a full Round of play. Suit Actions will enable players to take Diamond Crystals from the Supply, moving them to their Showroom (where they may score 1 point) or to their Vault (where they will score 2 points). The Vault is a secure area, but the Showroom is vulnerable to theft by the other players.

Whoever has the most points in Diamond Crystals at the end of the game wins!

60 Redesigned Playing Cards
6 Redesigned Player Aid Cards
1 Thief Token
6 Vaults
110 Clear Acrylic Diamonds
25 Red Acrylic Diamonds

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 30 minutes




Great price, great trick taking game, good with all types of gamer.
This is a must have if you like trick taking card games. Instead of having a trump suit, every suit has a unique action that happens when you play a card. You still want to win tricks though, because you gain the lead suit's action again. Also if you have majority in a suit at the end of a round, you gain those suits' actions again. Most points from collected gems wins. The addition of the thief variant for the Clubs action in this edition is a huge improvement.

I have played this with gamers as well as with my in-laws, and it's gone over well in both contexts.
Game Play
Review by Marshall on 9/18/2019
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