Kanban: Automotive Revolution (Driver's Edition)

Kanban: Automotive Revolution (Driver's Edition)

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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

In Kanban, you work in a factory focused on lean production. You must impress Sandra, the factory manager, who will review your performance, and keep the factory ticking like a clock. Depending on the gameplay experience you want, you can choose whether to use the nice Sandra or the mean Sandra when you play.

Kanban is pure eurogame, with resource and opportunity management, that puts you in the driver's seat of an entire production facility. The innovative action selection and factory manager make this a thematically rich and unique gaming experience!

This Driver's Edition features custom-shaped wooden cars and a double-sided gameboard.

40 Custom-shaped Wooden Cars
1 Double-sided Gameboard
28 Wooden Player Discs
4 Double-sided Player Boards
4 Wooden Tall Worker Meeples
4 Wooden Short Certification Meeples
60 Wooden Card Parts Cubes
1 Wooden Sandra Meeple
1 Wooden Week Marker
1 Wooden Production Cycle Marker
1 Wooden Pace Card
1 Wooden Meeting Token
2 Player Aid Sheets
12 Kanban Order Cards
32 Performance Goal Cards
2 Test Track Overlays
5 Lock Tiles
35 Design Tiles
11 Parts Voucher Tiles
3 Banked Shift Tiles
12 Factory Goal Tiles
20 Award Plaque Tiles
44 Seat Tiles
5 Demand Tiles
6 Final Goal Tiles

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes